Friday, December 23, 2016

Why my Odoo V10 cannot work on iOS ?

Hi SME Malaysia and fellow odooer , hope you all are well , a few days ago , i keep receiving complaints from my Odoo's clients which they are running their E-Commerce on our Cloud platform , but they noticed that ...

when it comes to ... APPLE DEVICES ...

or Iphone ... 

ODOO website just do not work properly (however it work fine when it is not running in a https protocol ), i thought that it is because of the Community or Enterprise , went to forum and ask but as i do not own any i-devices so , no where for me to test , i know i can't tell my customer that , hey , i have tested , it running well in my EMULATOR ... after much testing , we found an interesting answer ,

Nginx and LetsEncrypt SSL certificate problem with iOS and Safari : The solution: in your server {  ... } block, insert the ssl_session_cache directive with whatever value you deem fit. Example from Nginx documentation: ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m;

Save your configuration, reload Nginx, try it again - voila, it's fixed. Odoo will and should display properly ... Hope this little will save you sometimes and make Odoo deployment in your Cloud , Linux environment more enjoyable !!! 

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