Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A "complete" Webshop by instant-ERP ! (一个“完整的”网上商店,即时ERP!)

A e-commerce shop that enabling Business Transformation

When we talk about E-commerce shop , for businesses that still looking for a system which can enabled a long run support to cope with the growth of their business ,

Odoo , which powered Instant-ERP has it all , we have no shame to talk about it is already one of the powerhouse platform !

SME , when we talks about One topic that ALL BUSINESSES WILL BE WILLING TO SPEND $ TO ENGAGE ... IS THE TOPIC OF ..."SALES , SALES , SALES !!! "

But do you know that ,
automated Sales process ... Odoo has it !

  • integration with Facebook advertisement ... insant-ERP has it !
  • integration with Google analytic ... Odoo has it !
  • integration with Data Analytic , Facebook insight ... instant-ERP has it !
  • integration with Lead generated from Website , Web Forms , Emails ... instant-ERP will enabled it for you and we has all of them ...

it has a very powerful API (like your UBS plug) that is capable of integrate with all your other "BRANCH" ...i.e. such as Shop your operate and opened at ...

Prestashop , Magento , Shopify and it has connector that is ready to be integrated with the other e-commerce platform .

if you wish to know more about Marketing and Sales Automation ... goto my facebook and put some likes there ... show some love will encourage me to share with you more , in terms of technical knowledge on how to integrate Facebook ad with instant-ERP platform ,

i will teach a series on how to market your products online with instant-erp powered by Odoo which can benefit your business by ,

  • 1. How to lower down cost by properly manage your marketing campaign assets ? 
  • 2. How to effectively run Test on your Facebook marketing with your web shop with instant-ERP and answer this questions , is my marketing investment worth it ? Do i have KPI to see ?
  • 3. How to build a good , effective lead generation landing page with the web shop with instant-ERP ?
  • 4. How to use instant-ERP to build a good email marketing campaign?

at the end , you as a SME , can decide your own campaign ,can learn to DIY, run your own facebook ad and DIY your own page without becoming a developer , graphic designer or technical person , intant-ERP web shop will charge you up and it will look great !

First , you gain control in your investment in terms of marketing , and ask yourself this ...

Will that lower down your cost as an SME when you have the knowledge to DIY, to me , usually it does lower down my cost when i acquired the knowledge but will you be different , i am not too sure ,

if you still feel not enough  ,you can contact us and we will be glad to be at your services for Enhancing , upgrading and give you our expectise to provide professional customization of the Webshop , Graphic Designer , not just a web shop but our team will back you up for your thirst for a great design and increase your revenue stream and increase the overall profit for your web site !

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