Monday, January 4, 2016

Conventional ERP focus on Accounting but NOT ODOO !

Hi , Malaysia SME , are you still using accounting software and trying to face new challenge in 2016 , even in Malaysia , emerging lots of new companies with young entrepreneurs , in fact , heard lots of my friends said , a nos of conventional businesses, after GST implementation , they have left the business becuase cannot cope with NEW Business requirements which require lots of IT ... some may think let me start small , purchase some accounting software to begin , i show u 2 picture from the presentation of Odoo founder , Fabien Pinckaers , one depicts the old thinking model of software for business , another is the new model ...

you can see that if you are in the new market or even existing business trying to continue transform in the new economic world , then you will face (eventually) to handle effectively the Marketing , Customer services , Communication and E-commerce even if you owns an accounting but do not the most important things and integrate it with your Accounting software ... and 

let see the Odoo approach ,

in Odoo ( instant-erp , Localized Malaysia odoo for business ) , we put customer in the center of our business and integrate and automate the rest of the 4 new core operations for our ERP software , think for a while... , will that help your business ? You may say , sound good but how much becuase any good standard ERP will cost us from RM180K or at least a single users of RM3XXX and above , how much yours ?  How about if i tell you we can start with RM188 per ERP per month (unlimited users and unlimited companies) in our cloud service (***excluding all other implementation/migration services) will you accept that ? 

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  1. Accounting Software is Automatic document production in which fast and accurate invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, printing statements and payroll documents are all done automatically. The main advantage is that each transaction needs only to be inputted once, unlike a manual double entry system where two or three entries are required. The computerized ledger system is fully integrated.


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