Improve Route plan for Opportunity

How are you all , SME local Malaysian , after implementation GST , hope you all are doing fine ,here , would like to share some idea about what we have improved existing workflow for the opportunity visit of the salesman , we added route plan 

and each route plan , we added the possibility to add what customer that plan to visit ,​

then we assign the route to the salesman with a target visiting date ,

after that we generate the Visit and it will show the salesman in the calendar which route plan they need to go in a month for each day , 

and this is the calendar view of the Route records for Each salesman ...

and all the individual records that we have generated for each salesman will be shown at their opportunity records ,

Hope this would give u some idea of what you can do for customization of a route plan and we are now working on the mobile app , so that salesman can use it , even when there is offline or no connectivity !. Cheers !