Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Odoo , is your brand , branded ?

  • (Someone ask about Odoo) : Is your Odoo ,openERP,branded ?
  • odoo partner : What do you mean by Branded , you mean like Microsoft , Oracle , SAP ?
  • (Someone ask about Odoo) : Something like that ...

  • odoo partner : What about your budget for a flexible , full features ,with Localized Account , GST ,Malaysia Payroll , HR with Training ,   claims ,MRP , Warehouse , unlimited users , capabilities of  running Web integrated E-commerce and Point of Sales system with               possibilities of customization , until it map to your business  process ?

  • (Someone ask about Odoo) : emm.... perhaps less than RM100k ...
  • odoo partner : (with a smile) , ok , can you get this offer from those branded   ERP ?

  • (Someone ask about Odoo) : no , they told me , at least from RM80k and above  with limited users , say 10 users, some more do not have a lot  of core functions , like HR , local payroll etc ...

  • odoo partner : so what u mean ? I am a bit confused ... you want a branded ERP with FULL FEATURES but want to pay less ?

  • (Someone ask about Odoo) : yes ...
  • odoo partner : emm... but Odoo never position ourselves as a Branded ERP leh ,instead only as an outstanding open source ERP projects with fexibilities and features for SME , so are you looking for a Branded ERP or a Flexible openSource ERP , you have  to make up your mind so that we can help ! ( with a smile )
YES , WE HAVE OUR INSTANT-ERP  , localized Odoo ,the formal OpenERP, GST ERP system , compliance with Royal Customs Malaysia !!!

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