Some V8 goodies

Hi to all SME Malaysia and Singapore , wishing you all a special Chinese New year , just like anyone technical , when you already get used to be busy ... when u you a holiday , most like what you will do is to do some research and for me , it is time to catch up  my V8 before it's launching...

This are the few things i am very excited about ...

it is a drill down cube like analysis !
and the google drive and google calendar is there , yes!

and i know you will surely like this ...
Web site builder

And the E-commerce integrated builder , as promised ...

and to show that it is really integrated , here is the product setting of the above item(s) ,

so what will be the one option that will attract you to use openERP or convinced yourself to upgrade
or you have an idea to build some more great extension ? If you need some helps in implementing
or need some one who can help you to build online and offline apps that FULLY integrated with
openERP ,you can contact us , E-GlobalSCM , the first partner in this region which is still very
much passionate as well as advancing in our skills and learning COOL stuffs to help you to accelerate
in leveraging OpenERP for your Malaysia , Singapore or international business ! cheers !