OpenERP V7 ,many update and many patches!

After been using openERP V7 awhile , i have a feeling of love it and hate it !
Love the new features and hate i am not competence enough to get all of it to work for clients on time ,

here are some of the updates we are maintaining ...

if you are using the source code version on Ubuntu or your own Windows patched openERP V7, then you may run across these problems .

1. The Sales email template is not working and when it send out email to customers , they will receive a blank email , this is actually a bugs in the template itself, with the old template , it has some
scripts <% comp_name=blah blah %> is not working ... after upgraded to the latest EDI which uses
the jinja2 python html template engine ... the OLD HAS GONE !

2. The timezone problem , even after you have set the correct one , e.g. Malaysia , Asia/Kuala Lumpur , you still see NEW messages encoded "8 hours ago" and it caused pretty confusing  ,

3. The EDI share according to the latest update for portal is NOT working and having issues to share.
please refer to :

and mean time busy developing new vertical modules , workshop , enhancing assets link to workshop etc
and busy porting the existing localize Accounting reports to V7 , busy , busy ... busy ... and handling with implementation and deploymemnt for various locations , Kota kinabalu , China , Kuala Lumpur ...

it is always been challenging and fun learning about openERP , are you having fun too ?

And with this update , also have to officially say goodbye to the OLD openERP forum , it is freeze and
in the museum mode now ... wowowo... a bit sentimental ... but say HALO to the new openERP forum , you feel quite "IN" the trend as it always will be openERP is in the TREND !

till then see you again , hope to learn from you all and will share more ...