OpenERP - Launchpad SSH on windows

openERP Launchpad requires restricted access and authentication (setup SSH)

If you like me , blur like sotong (squid) do not know how to setup ssh and use bzr , then for the security access i hope this information can be of some help to you , while in Malaysia, very few people are really using source code repository to control thier development , but to me , i think to improve our regional competency in terms of good software development practice , we need to learn ...

na , if you need to push work onto a branch or get a branch which is restricted (but you are authorized to get it) then you need to setup SSH on your PC. The process is described in detail on Bazaar's web but here is very short version:

At this point you will be able to continue work - I can get my personal branch which only I-m allowed to use:

>cd /d c:\bazaar-openerp-repo                    
>bzr get lp:~kalmenchia/+junk/my-dev-l