How to hide cost price for users do not have the right ?

We have a Malaysia openERP CRM client that wish to tweak the product page so that it can achieve
the following scenario ,

1. Salesman only view his/her order
2. Salesman do not allow to see the cost price and also the suppliers from the product page
    which is in the List/Tree view and also in the Form view in product selection dialog and product

the effected view that to be modified are as follow :
product.normal.form , product.normal.variant.form
and product.product.tree
and we have to add in the  groups="base.group_extended"  to the field name="standard_price"
if you client like mine , are using the multi- variant , then i also require to go to customize the
menu items' groups , add in the "Useability / Extended View"

we hope this little information can help you to tweak the openERP to be more useful to your users as well.

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