How to backup OpenERP db in Linux ?

Been trying to backup Malaysia OpenERP db in Linux / Ubuntu environment which mean the following requirements ,
1. Automated to a NAS / NFS mount
2. Using  a script file

This is what i find out

1. We need to have a shell script file something like this
    which the file is created with 0600 access right to the CRON user : ubuntu
    and my file name : backup_pg_db (with access right to ROOT  and do not forget to set the execute
    right for this file)

   the content (where the NFS is the mount to the NAS server which allow NFS services )

DATE=$(date +%F_%T)
export PGPASSWORD="my_pgpassword123"
/usr/bin/pg_dump mydbname1 --host localhost --port 5432 -U openerp --format custom --blobs --verbose --file "/mnt/nfs/openerp_db_backup/mydbname1-001.backup"
2. use the crontab in webmin to create a Cron job and point to the file created 
3. make sure that your server have some form of mail server application installed , mine is
    sendmail or else the Cron will failed !

Hope this will help you to secure your OpenERP database in Linux environment.
Although in Malaysia or Singapore , few people like to use Linux , but we love Linux because of its flexibilities yet , i must say it is not for Beginner , sorry for some of you who not too familiar with Linux but we can help , should you want to explore this environment , drop us a mail or contact us.