OpenERP Malaysia as a platform for customized solutions

When software is been developed in a proper way ,i.e. no compromising of the quality , eventually it will emerge itself as one of the best because of its solid foundation been build over the years , OpenERP is one of this kind , as a developer i myself , in Malaysia i have been trying to build object orientated application in the early days as a  sftware developer but over the years , I have resolved to look for better framework to build my idea for enterprise as the core engine framework have to come from really brilliant design and a deep understanding of object orientated architecture where flexibility of expand or ADOPT with conventional style must be there rather than just a set of rules to follow ...

I have chosen not to developed the framework ourselves , I must admit that firstly I am not as bright as a these openERP core engine developer and in Malaysia , there are only very few software company are really building software in a Reusable Way or really adopting Agile but Object Orientated way,which we have very few people in Malaysia who has exposed to this kind of development  . When i mentioned about customized project or software development in Malaysia ,it is SO DIFFERENT from the technologies that we know of in US, Europe or the western countries,  Luckily , I found the OpenERP framework and now ,
it is possible to develop, customize some localized  solutions in a revolutionary way , what we have in pipeline are as follow :

Workshop management system , which by the time when i am writing this article , the while DIA model is ready and i am ready to develop the modules ,
Payroll and human resource system , more testing and should be able to deploy in middle of 2012.
E-commerce system (I will share my idea as we have been using prestashop ecoomerce platform ) , we are testing the platform and will soon launch our own ecomm platform ... 
Hotel management system
Logistic / Frieght Management system
Property Management System (for rental)

I really hope that OpenERP Malaysia can really bring a cost effective solutions to SME but yet not compromising the quality of the software or services .

As a software company who provide customization and localized solutions , we will always see ourselves as a service provider for local market to customize or develop a complete solutions using openERP as the platform . Till the next time we share , happy openERPing !