Install OpenERP with Python26 version

I have been using Python25 to compile our own customize copy of openERP , the instant-erp flavor which is Malaysia localize OpenERP modules , I have been searching for the Python26 not until i finally came across this post , "terima kasih" , thanks to Christopher Ormaza  for all the sharing which I only modified a little bit and share it in English , 

You can take a look at another Blog which share the information on how to ...

And above all , we thanks the amazing work of Allistek ( ), because of them we have a simpler alternative to configure the reporting engine RML.

This guide is to show on how to enable aeroo reports for users of Windows.

Basically the problem on Windows installation, the installer is all-in-one or the server that are in the openerp page is compiled with Python 2.5, you cannot connect with the library PyUNO (Required by Aeroo Reports) it is necessary that the version on which runs the Open is the same as that of the library and we also add in the necessary libraries for the module ( , Genshi, etc.)
First to get compiling the installer openerp need to install the following dependencies, which can be found at this link ~ openerp-groupes/openerp/win-installer-trunk
You can download it through the Bazaar, or download each of the units in the folder 2.6.
We recommend using Windows XP SP3 for this procedure.
All libraries installed
Now we have to correct an error in the PyXML library that was written before the appearance of Python26, which uses a variable name is a reserved word in Python26, so must correct two files that are on this route

C: \ Python26 \ Lib \ site-packages \ _xmlplus \ xpath \ -> in line 27 and 28 is necessary to replace the word "as" by any other name, in my case just put a 1 in front of the word

C: \ Python26 \ Lib \ site-packages \ _xmlplus \ xpath \ -> in this file is on the line 31.32

Something that also should be emphasized before compiling is that the native library xml Python26 have some classes in a folder called etree, the PyXML not use this library by default so you must copy the folder to have the library to time to run openerp

 In this folder C: \ Python26 \ Lib \ site-packages \ _xmlplus, we paste the carpte "etree" which is in C: \ Python26 \ Lib \ xml, so we will not have problems with our installation

Downloaded the sources from the site of OpenERP or may do so through the bazaar

Unzip the source, preferably in the root (C: \).
Then from the console, enter the folder where the sources descompreso open-erp run this command "c: \ Python26 \ python.exe py2exe"
Then inside the folder win32 run the same command
Because the script processes the units open their libraries does not include or aeroolib Genshi, so we have to add manually. After running the above commands in your folder must be created one called "dist" within this what are the executable as such the openerp for Windows, a file which is where some libraries are, we must add this zip folders in our libraries that are in my example:
After that, we are ready to build the installer for the server, making it the NSIS program, open it and we click on "Compile Script", then this software will take care of creating the installer for windows
Well after that we need to copy our modules into the addons folder in windows, or we can add to our installer, as it may, we can use the modules in .

That is all ,good luck and have fun compiling your openERP python26 environment ,we as Malaysia OpenERP Partner are preparing ourselves to move into python26 envrinment and waiting for the launching of openERP V6.1 soon...

Lastly do not forget to thanks the original post of this article .