Organisze your OpenERP implementation

What is your prefer implementation methodology , what I mean is not just using an excel file tracking the implementation but to use a full software life cycle tool which capture the complete Customer requirements study to the testing to the documentation to the implementation . I have attached an image which depict the system that i am setting it up for implementation of OpenERP Malaysia - InstantERP . When it is completed , it will be able to specify - Customer Initial project objectives - Document a System Requirements study (SRS) a
nd produce implementation progress documents easily , - Capturing Use Case of OpenERP modules and potentially exploring of the feasibility of the new modules - Capturing the test and scenarios for each modules and each requirements which later to produce a proper sign off UAT (User Acceptance test) - a team review and discussion for Project issues and maintenance as well as enhancement tracking for EACH Task item. - all resource allocation (i.e. allocate developer to be responsible for the assigned modules or tasks ) - a project management - produce impact analysis should requirements deviate from the original SRS. (this will should that when customer specify a requirement changes , it will in turn effect a use case of the OpenERP module screen with additional fields , original workflow to be modified or related sub system or integrated customized modules to be modified. and yes have i missed the link to introduce this product Enterprise Architect !

I do believe to have a  successful implementation of OpenERP Malaysis( instantERP ) not only we need to have a good and experienced team but also to use a very good tool to manage the implementation , most SME aren't able to affort a failure as well as expensive proprietary management tools , as SME ourselves , E-Global SCM fully understand the cost concerns for all SME , therefore Tools that we select not only is cost effective but also most probably is one of the market leaders , just like how we spotted TinyERP , which is OpenERP at around 2002 .

The EA tool we have been using since version 3.5 , we have became as the reseller since 5 years ago and now EA has entered into Version 9.1 , when this article is writing , so now we are going to use our experiences to integrate EA with OpenERP (how to , when u consistently come back or you can follow us) , i promised i will share our knowledge gained in this blog this year and more article will be based on this implementation OpenERP Malaysia using EA .