OpenERP Malaysia - Report manager engine

Besides the original OpenLab , OpenERP original reports engine require changes and modification of reports to be a skill python based developer or the recent released powerful webkit report engine which  require you tohave a good command of HTML and knowledge of MAKO template before you can develop further for a more complicated report .

For Report designer , GUI based openERP Report engine used to be only available through Jasper Report , a JAVA based powerful BI tools , but to get Jasper Report works we will most likely require to install module or library which at least 80 ~ 100 MB , for us an old timer windows development from Borland Delphi , we are familiar with lots of good reporting tools , one of the report engine that we have been toying for openERP is "ReportMan" where it has a python based interface , you can find it here.

Since 4 years ago , we have started of with OpenERP (TinyERP) version 4 in Malaysia , we have been started to use it for our OpenERP custom reporting purposes , until lately , when there are more custom reports requirements , we are also in need to deploy into LINUX platform , this has challenge our skill to further develop this interface ,port it into a LINUX and MULTI-Company compatible.

We will be launching soon and you will get the modified version of openerp-6.0.3.X from our website so that you can leverage the GUI based reportman designer, we have no intention for competing with the rest of the powerful engine but simply because we are more familiar with this tools and hope to contribute back to the community.

These will let InstantERP , the Localized OpenERP Malaysia community to have more options in terms of customizing their reports.
Cheers and happy openERPing !