A Vote for open source ERP

I have evaulated OpenBravo , WebERP , SQL-Ledger ,  compiere ,in fact the first opensource ERP that i came across was long time ago where I got so excited about opensource and i found Compiere and I could not believe that a full system can be offer for FREE !

As part of Malaysia and Singapore SME , i understand the pain of getting a good ERP , where when it comes to implement ERP solutions , it can daunting because of firstly is software adaptability in the SME growing dynamic and secondly is the Competency of the ERP consultation and implementation services that they will get , last but not least will be the company culture readiness and resources planned  . ERP cannot be implemented like any off the shaft accounting packages , where mostly this off the shaft accounting packages cannot offer them a complete 360 degree management perspective.

As software developer , i always came across clients requesting , do you have ... accounting module , integrate with thier streamlined SME process and i have been always looking and testing various ERP platform that give us a possibilities to easily integrate the back end system , i always think of this , why reinvent the wheel ?  Where there are so many good accounting software around ... We just need a good platform and perhaps a little bit more "Technical" , a good object oriented framework that is flexible and have good potential to grow  , I have tested Compiere (look complicated)  , OpenEPR Bravo (look nice but in term of flexibilities , i am not too sure...) , WebERP (look simple , in terms of framework and security , i am still in doubts ...) , SQL-Ledger (good and stable accounting package , but do we know Perl or do we want to learn Perl or simply get we get Perl programmer easily ?) , I came across TinyERP long time ago but because of Python ,Not another programming language ,at that time we already have Borland Delphi, PHP , Microsoft C# , VB , VB.net  , so NO was my response but after getting hook up with the solutions with Google App Engine , Google cloud platform , i came to know that the one who started Python is with Google and Google support python and after all TinyERP( that was what OpenERP was called back in 2006 ) it was stright forward , install and then that is all ! it said it is flexible and have a lot of modules ... so I tried and like it and implement for our partner which now has fully acquired us "Chevon International Pte Ltd" , (Frankly speaking , i love Delphi , PHP , but when i come to use Python , i must say bravo our master sifu :  Guido van Rossum , love it!)

Let see from the survey how many have tested other Open Source and have finally comes to openERP


So would you vote for OpenERP ?

So have you find your good ERP solutions for your growing business and trying to compete in the global economy ? Well as the first Malaysia local OpenERP partner , we can offer help in accessing the OpenERP functions in Malaysia and Singapore , we love to hear from you , contact us if you want to know more .