OpenERP V6 is here in Malaysia

OpenERP V6 is at Malaysia and I believe there are many SME are trying out ways to implement this ERP solutions into their business , we as an official partners for OpenERP also have not been stop learning , lately I threw myself into understanding the FULL architecture of OpenERP and really appreciate the original developer , Fabien and the gangs are really good ...

What make me excited about OpenERP is
1. It's work flow engine  ( o , perhaps u do not know what i mean , i have ever one point in my life that i am so passionate towards BPM ,Business Process Management , from there learn so much about UML , Agile Methodology , Work flow engine and some of the good one such as intalio was one of my favorite , and it is open source also ! Brilliant people )
2. It's Fully customizable interface
3. It's Fully object orientated code (Yes a little about where i am from , i started to develop since 1993 and at one point ,i formed a company called "Com Object Solutions" , which i was so fascinated about providing  business solution which is REUSABLE in a common platform ) but now seeing how OpenERP can do that it really excite me , how about you ? 
4. Its Python ! (I must say , after been a faithful Delphi developer , these is one of the language that really have attracted me )

It is good that more Malaysian SME are trying out the OpenERP , initially , i feel a bit fearful as seems that most people can do it themselves so who will engage our services but after awhile , i started to realize after many contacts and leads that I have contacted , i need to be confident in what we can do and what services we can provide , times will tell who is REALLY GOOD , just like 4 years ago , when I selected OpenERP as my platform which it were still called TinyERP (a name that still sounds good and humble even up now when mentioned it , don't you think so, Fabien ? ) No body in these region wanted to look at TinyERP , mostly are focus on ADCOMPIERE , OpenBravo Java based ERP with integrated workflow engine... and certainly when you type "Opensource ERP" , TinyERP won't be showing up in the first page of Google , but today , you try and see whether OpenERP will pop up in the first page of Google search  ...

From so many customized system that I have built , I will only say our technical knowledge and experiences in implementation will be paid off once we can established ourselves in the heart of growing SME (this is my wish and i am acting on it now!!!) that there is a group of genuine Technical competence OpenERP partner that can passionately help the SME who wishes to grow together as partner to SUCCESSFULLY implement the ERP system when SME focus on their business while we can offer our help to provide them COST EFFECTIVE solutions . One more time , I must stress again, OpenERP can be freely available but NOT our services . It is a genuine piece of ERP software that required experienced consultants or functional experts assistance or like any Proprietary ERP software if not carefully plan and implement it will be a wasting time and resources and when OpenERP software is FREE but the Professional fees are NOT CHEAP.  

Just like any experienced and competence IT employees,i.e. project manager,IT manager, you want to employ , usually their salary is not CHEAP and considering the long term expenses that you need in your payroll or you employ some INCOMPETENCE / LACK OF EXPERIENCE company to help you to implement , I sincerely hope that OpenERP won't give you a feeling that lots of things it cannot do where system implementation failure occurs and please consider also all the time, human resources , project cost that you have been invested .

SME Malaysia , it is your call ! OpenERP is here is Malaysia and can definitely help your company to compete and excel is a globalize market. Should you need more information , please contact us.