Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scrum methodology
Scrum methodology - workshop project


What project methodology you use to implement openERP ? I came from waterfall , the classic way to implement software from a detail upfront scope or requirements from customer , until I learn about SCRUM methodology , I had tried many agile style and believing the agile methodology can effective help us to understanding and collaborate with customer's business logic ,I did my research from RUP to a simplify form of RUP , ICONIX agile process and tried to apply them in my projects  , I came across SCRUM , but I missed to really understand it until I found that openERP has SCRUM module, so in order to leverage on its functions , then we started to adopt SCRUM , let me tell you , it is fun ! And I am wandering how many of Malaysian company is really practicing SCRUM or we think we are practicing SCRM but we are recognized by experienced practitioner as SCRUMBUTT  , check this out man!

Scrumbutt – and so what?

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