Saturday, April 9, 2011

OpenERP Malaysia Payroll

OpenERP V6 is definately a great platform , we E-global , the first openERP in Malaysia , in fact we are
also one of the earliest partner is South East Asia , been successfully deploy to a manufacturing company in Singapore , we are now in progress of developing our own Malaysian Payroll system under openERP platform which will be soon hitting the market in two months time ...

Our Payroll will cover EPF , Socso , PCB of Malaysia calculation , as well as linking or possible to integrate to our Time Attendance module , our existing window based Payroll had been used since 2000 for Shipping and frieght forwarding company , food processing manufacturing company and Standard manufacturing company where it covered Shift allowances , OT rate calculation , if you are interested to know about the progress of this payroll , do visit this blog again...


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