Saturday, January 21, 2017

How is SEO handled in Odoo?

Odooer , SME and those who are concerns about your online presence , nowadays , who don't have concerns over this SEO/online marketing topics right ? So when we who are using Odoo platform, to continue, quickly after launching of your Odoo E-commerce sites, we will be asking is our Odoo SEO friendly , here is a detail explanation from Odoo V9.0 documentation .

But from what i learn lately , the structure is important , where SILO structure has to be there , enforcing not to mentioned Content is king , but onpage /offpage , able to perform A/B testing , be able to analyse before and after marketing campaign and most importantly giving the complete platform to perform all this online marketing tasks , is really not easy ,

on one hand , we have our company daily operations that we need to take care , that can be done by Odoo's CRM & Sales or Web site / POS , Purchase , Inventory & Accounting modules and on the other hand ...

we have to get more sales from Promotions , Sales Campaign , marketing event , road shows , email mailing list but not just spending money on it but have
to evaluate whether our spending on the marketing is worth of what we have
spent , so the platform have to be able to perform analysis on the traffic , CPC etc ... 

We also have tried to look into this requirements and check and see whether Odoo can provide us to have it all , most of the time , i found shopify + FB adv is a very good sales tool for many SME , online seller , easy & flexible ... but mainly focus on the sales but with Odoo , we emphase on having a complete platform , so when can we make a complete platform for SME to start transforming their business ?

Friday, December 23, 2016

Why my Odoo V10 cannot work on iOS ?

Hi SME Malaysia and fellow odooer , hope you all are well , a few days ago , i keep receiving complaints from my Odoo's clients which they are running their E-Commerce on our Cloud platform , but they noticed that ...

when it comes to ... APPLE DEVICES ...

or Iphone ... 

ODOO website just do not work properly (however it work fine when it is not running in a https protocol ), i thought that it is because of the Community or Enterprise , went to forum and ask but as i do not own any i-devices so , no where for me to test , i know i can't tell my customer that , hey , i have tested , it running well in my EMULATOR ... after much testing , we found an interesting answer ,

Nginx and LetsEncrypt SSL certificate problem with iOS and Safari : The solution: in your server {  ... } block, insert the ssl_session_cache directive with whatever value you deem fit. Example from Nginx documentation: ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m;

Save your configuration, reload Nginx, try it again - voila, it's fixed. Odoo will and should display properly ... Hope this little will save you sometimes and make Odoo deployment in your Cloud , Linux environment more enjoyable !!! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Odoo web hack- how to make a simple static web page modules ?

Hi Odooer , how is things with you all ? long time no post , hope that more SME is leveraging on the power of Odoo ,  today i am going to show you how you can make a simple static module which uses Odoo web server to display you content instead of using other web server...

1. make a new module with folder structure as follow ,

2. copy all your static HTML assets folder like mine , eglobalscm ,

3. then refresh and update your app module list in your Odoo ,

4. You DO NOT need to install it, once you have added into the module and you can see it as one of the app to be installed , u can choose NOT to install it but is up to you and depending your need whether your other modules need to refer to it or not , 
5. you should be able to view it under your Odoo server , like below ...

ok , hope this short tips help you !