Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A "complete" Webshop by instant-ERP ! (一个“完整的”网上商店,即时ERP!)

A e-commerce shop that enabling Business Transformation

When we talk about E-commerce shop , for businesses that still looking for a system which can enabled a long run support to cope with the growth of their business ,

Odoo , which powered Instant-ERP has it all , we have no shame to talk about it is already one of the powerhouse platform !

SME , when we talks about One topic that ALL BUSINESSES WILL BE WILLING TO SPEND $ TO ENGAGE ... IS THE TOPIC OF ..."SALES , SALES , SALES !!! "

But do you know that ,
automated Sales process ... Odoo has it !

  • integration with Facebook advertisement ... insant-ERP has it !
  • integration with Google analytic ... Odoo has it !
  • integration with Data Analytic , Facebook insight ... instant-ERP has it !
  • integration with Lead generated from Website , Web Forms , Emails ... instant-ERP will enabled it for you and we has all of them ...

it has a very powerful API (like your UBS plug) that is capable of integrate with all your other "BRANCH" ...i.e. such as Shop your operate and opened at ...

Prestashop , Magento , Shopify and it has connector that is ready to be integrated with the other e-commerce platform .

if you wish to know more about Marketing and Sales Automation ... goto my facebook and put some likes there ... show some love will encourage me to share with you more , in terms of technical knowledge on how to integrate Facebook ad with instant-ERP platform ,

i will teach a series on how to market your products online with instant-erp powered by Odoo which can benefit your business by ,

  • 1. How to lower down cost by properly manage your marketing campaign assets ? 
  • 2. How to effectively run Test on your Facebook marketing with your web shop with instant-ERP and answer this questions , is my marketing investment worth it ? Do i have KPI to see ?
  • 3. How to build a good , effective lead generation landing page with the web shop with instant-ERP ?
  • 4. How to use instant-ERP to build a good email marketing campaign?

at the end , you as a SME , can decide your own campaign ,can learn to DIY, run your own facebook ad and DIY your own page without becoming a developer , graphic designer or technical person , intant-ERP web shop will charge you up and it will look great !

First , you gain control in your investment in terms of marketing , and ask yourself this ...

Will that lower down your cost as an SME when you have the knowledge to DIY, to me , usually it does lower down my cost when i acquired the knowledge but will you be different , i am not too sure ,

if you still feel not enough  ,you can contact us and we will be glad to be at your services for Enhancing , upgrading and give you our expectise to provide professional customization of the Webshop , Graphic Designer , not just a web shop but our team will back you up for your thirst for a great design and increase your revenue stream and increase the overall profit for your web site !

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Odoo V10 - MRP modules sneak preview

Hi Malaysia and Singapore SME and odooer , on my way back , now at airport and thinking to share with you what most of the users of Odoo will be excited about and will be a good news for a lot of new Odoo users ,

in the past sorting out Manufacturing Order by date or by lines and even custom reports , all the available data within the database only limited by the Manufacturing Order without much planning or projection planning and sometimes we say MRP module that is not really MRP in anyway we learnt from others ERP platforms , but this time please watch out ... "Master Production Schedule"(MPS) is coming to Odoo now ...

here is a snapshots of MPS with the production of Computer [SC234] , and its related parts/ sub parts or raw material and you can even change the value and
indicate the projection or PLANNING !!!

and to collect the data for Work Center , it is always a challenge to collect existing data for a proper capacity planning , now if we look at the below snapshot , it indicated that you can let Odoo capture your capacity with some automation , e.g. an average minutes required for the workcenter is now possible to capture after the 10 run/process so the 11 process onward for the work center will use the calculated average capacity run by this work center.

i still remember to help one of my manufacturing clients to handle their Engineering change management including importing their CAD/CAM data into the ERP , exported from Siemen Solid Edge into the BoM, now , we have a module that track properly revisions of the revised Bill of Material ,

look at the image below, the ECO ( or generally called ECN ) can track NOT ONLY parts/raw materials but also the up to Routing details of the BoM.
So are you already feeling excited ... do not ask me whether this will be
available for Community version , according to Odoo ... they themselves
not decided what features to give back to community . so if this is only available in the Enterprise version ... will you be interested to subscribe ?

one more cool things about the Routing as part of the Odoo Manufacturing enhancement , the routing work center can even track the work instruction...

so it means u can put all your work instructions in the Odoo and then use a TABLET at each shop/work floor for the operators to refer and then to capture
KPI data ... will this increase your interest in subscribing the Enterprise version with us ...  Let me know your thoughts and go over to my FB sharing and lets have a chat over there ! happy odooing ... have to rush to boarding now !

Friday, September 2, 2016

How to monitor my Sales Order and invoice total

A lot of our SME instant-ERP / Odoo users are asking us how to do they able to check the Sales Order total and also the amount invoiced.

Here are the steps :

1. First you can goto your Sales Order tab AND then group by the Partner , hint : go to the search box , select Partner from the drop down ...

2. then from the selected partner , click and open the group and select which Sales Order you wish to monitor the invoices , i.e. for us , we use Sales Order as the way to manage our Projects , we quote customer in the Sales Order but we will only issues invoices to our customer based on the progressive terms and conditions ... so some times is hard to track how many invoices if not with this features , we have to check manually every time.

3. after the Sales Order form is opened , then go to the Tab History , (this is a custom modules , name : sale_invoice_manual_link , you should be able to find it ,just key in the MIGHTY GOOGLE SEARCH BOX !) , then you will be able to find the original invoices which has been issued /created previously. 

But of course if there is any Credit Note or the Invoices that has issued by manually not from the Create invoice function of Sales Order , then you should not be able to find it here, so the module able to help you to add the invoices in that i just mentioned into the sales order.

4. Here is should you the explanation of the History tab ...

5. So now if you need to add what has been issued / invoice ad-hoc / manually created but which is related to the Sales  Order of this partner , then you need to
click the EDIT button of the Sales Order and here ... after enter in EDIT mode, you can find the ADD button appear magically at the HISTORY tab !

so this is how we can use a very simple module to manage the link of Sales Order and invoices and to do a simple tracking . But of course there are many ways to improve this , but no cost who wish to do it for FREE ? i am using it myself without customization , just what it provide , take and use and compromise it like any of you SME will do la ! 

until we can make some money , i mean survive and profitable ... or else , no one is paying the salary , wo ... wo ... (crying ...)

things that we can improved this Odoo Module :

1. to make a total of Sales order amount that can take into consideration of 
    the invoices and credit notes
2. to be able to show CORRECT balance for each invoice in this History 
    tab , currently it wasn't display a correct balance.
3. Can print out so that we can file it or send it to Customer for the history
    when our client request of it.

So till them SME Malaysia /Singapore , will see you around ,please come back , we are planning to launching something interested soon !