Thursday, April 14, 2016

Powerup Odoo Task with our favourite Google Gmail

Hi , dear odoo community & my instant-erp value clients , customers and friends from Malaysia and Singapore , hope you all are having lots of fun to learn about Odoo , and it always has something new to learn about ,

here , i would like to introduce to the Odoo community regarding about how we simplify our own support task workflow by customizing the Google Gmail and integrate it with instant-ERP chrome extension to Odoo.

if you ever trying to keep track of your tasks at Odoo and then keep track of your Gmail messages and in a days so many new emails , notifications , you will wish to have something more simple and after have look for many alternativessss ...

you test it , some you like the interface & you wish to use it but there is no FOC account , some it looks ugly but it has all the features you need and it is expensive tool and some that i went thru are ...

will Asana be good to work with Odoo ?
will Slack which lately everyone is talking now good ? You ask... How can i get my collaboration with my developers , with my clients & with my own ERP data can be in sync ? You have tried many others project management tools , trying to think what is the simplest way of keeping tasks and messages in a single platform and still searching then i hope this inspire you with new idea !

But you need to be chrome extension developer and Odoo developer too ,
here you are ,

if you look at the image below (try to read the RED description ) ,

and the sidebar will display only in your DESKTOP chrome (mobile not available for now , why ? ask Google ,why chrome extension is not available for mobile ?! ) when instant-ERP extension is installed like below ,

it will have be able to have the sidebar and it is in pure html5 coding which
using JSONRPC to communicate with the Odoo , 

After developing this extension , it got me started to think of more possibility
to customize instant-ERP, powered by Odoo to provide flexible solutions to adopt to many different trade or industries .

Hope this help you find idea ! Happy Odooing ... 

Monday, March 7, 2016

InstantERP powered by Odoo + Google spreadsheet

whats up man ? it is not what we are busy about , it is about what we busy is it align to our vision for Instant-ERP, a localized Malaysia/Singapore Odoo services ,as i am clearing out my pipeline , i am more free nowadays to share with you whats up with us here ,

we are focusing on these fews ... making our Cloud structure fully integrated with great platform service provider such as AWS ( we are now able to use AWS s3 services for our Instant-ERP that powered by Odoo in the File attachment , we have successfully help clients to migrate their files which saved in the database , if you do not know what this is and you are using Odoo and keep attaching files into your Odoo , take a look at the size of your db , it can be quite AMAZING o ! Wah so Big !!!  ) 

and we have been working on a few offline capable apps , that is Lorry Driver routing , Technician and Job order app which will sync to instantERP's db.

And we are now leverage our skills from Google apps , which we have been using it to automate our GEmails ( yes automate gmail using scripts ) and as we love using Google spreadsheets , in fact , i have long time not using Microsoft excel file anymore ... are you still using Microsoft office ... if you are , you are a bit out liao , as Google has always give us a FOC spreadsheet which capable of doing many wonderful things , include TEAM collaboration and  centralized file control. )

So this time , i am going to show you how we can use Google to do lots of things with Odoo , the engine that powers up InstantERP.

some reference first ,

FB, shared this on youtube at 2013 and yes , it is still working in Odoo v7 , 8 and 9 !  ,

we are using the google spreadsheet API developing some in house reporting and supports process , it works great !

for this to work , you have to setup ,

  • 1. url , db name , user login and user password ,
  • 2. FIXED some bugs ,make sure your code has been updated to the latest , for me i have to fix minor bugs in the google app scripts , where "session_id" is missing out !
  • 3. after you have authorized the scripts , it will be ready to use .

so if our invoices detail is our Odoo ERP server is as follow ,

we have 2 records of invoice and we now can use the Google spreadsheet to pull the data out from Odoo powered instant-ERP data from it ,

and the formula will look something like this ...

=oe_read_group("account.invoice"; "user_id date_invoice amount_total"; "user_id date_invoice"; "[['state','in',['draft','cancel']],['user_id','ilike','"&B43&"'],['partner_id','ilike','"&B44&"']]";; 5; 1)

i have made some changes to the condition , where the original is "not in" instead of "in" , so the draft , it will displayed as the following above , where it detected in the ERP there is a record for Agrolait in the state of draft !

and of course if you enter the name not exists or Salesman not exists in the Odoo database , then it will display something like below ...

or if customer name is not exists in the Odoo database ,

now , imagine , u want to pull data  of following ,

  • salesman daily sales
  • invoice with tag "cashbill"
  • stock and product lists
  • etc 
we can in fact help you to develop into a fully functional spreadsheet
reports should you engage our services . Hope this sharing give you some idea of how you can make use of Google Spreadsheet to pull data for analysis from our Instant-ERP platform that powered by Odoo !

so happy Odooing !

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gong Xi Fat Chai 2016 - from InstantERP Odoo Malaysia

GONG XI FAT CHAI 2016 , 恭喜發財2016 ,

We want to say a big thank you for all your valuable inputs, feedbacks  and support
in our development ,

and with all your continuous support , we are able to develop & deploy a more stable
ERP platform with many Localised modules and served many industries ,
the list that you have helped us to make it happened ...
  • Improved Financial Reporting system ,
  • Mobile application integration ( Sales CRM , Delivery offline capable mobile app ),
  • Local Payroll integration ,
  • Improved our Accounting GST updates & added Fixed asset modules ,
  • Integrated a Module Messaging platform for ERP to send Push messages to users mobile ,
  • Extended workflow using Google Forms to capture data into ERP ,
  • Extended reporting export features to Google spreadsheet ,
  • Extended documents storage to cloud , so you can store your attachments and documents with ease and most importantly with a more cost effective storage , 
  • Sync Partners , Products , Sales order and Delivery Order with E-commerce Shop ,
  • and many others bug fixes ...
Partners and friends , we wish you have a great holiday and  be able to see all your wishes come true and your business be able to grow and soar to a great height this year 2016 . Gong Xi Fatt Chai ,新年快乐 !